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Engaging Cameron Francis and his team to improve your bottom line guarantees exceptional service based on their years of experience in the business environment. With over five years in sales and communication related fields, speaking and coaching, Cameron brings his innovative and distinctive business insight to you and your company. His passionate commitment to excellence is illustrated in his chosen motto: “Set the example by exceeding the standards.”

From coast to coast, Cameron has delivered inspiring, informative and impressive workshops and seminars to small groups and large businesses. Dynamic and provocative, Cameron’s high-content presentations combine his extensive business experience with his adventures from a lifetime of adventure, travel and pursuing the latest information on effective sales and management skills, strategies and techniques. With his unique hands-on personal approach, Cameron connects with every audience, large or small.

Cameron’s staff of experienced trainers, meeting planners and communications specialists are dedicated to assisting you with your business needs from motivation to marketing. From planning an event, to customizing a presentation, his team’s spirit is one of support, service and success for you and your company.

Cameron believes personal development is an important component of professional success. His speeches and seminars always address the human elements intrinsic to corporate accomplishment. To address the information let down which always follows a speech or presentation, Chuck created a simple post-seminar and web-based program to keep you and your team on track and in touch with the information.